Sunday, March 28, 2010

Complex systems and the "Waterfall Effect"

The economy is such a complex organism with so many variables that it simply cannot be controlled. It is the height of arrogance that our politicians and so-called economists think they can control it. And it is the absolute height of arrogance that they attempt to do so in such a way as to ALSO benefit their selfish goals. With this level of stupidity, unintended consequences become many orders of magnitude more probable than the intended consequences. In fact, betting on the exact opposite of stated political goals is a sure bet for the long run right now. And the payoff will be tremendous! --FOFOA: The Waterfall Effect

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Star Wars: THE Synopsis

"Zero Hedge ... remains convinced that the epic battle of our age will be between knowledge and ignorance. Moreover, we have lately become convinced that the United States is engaged in a mortal struggle with itself, split between the placating, patriarch, content to obfuscate and conceal everything -- from M3, to accounting rules, to the state of its financial institutions, to the provisions of the largest slab of legislation to pass in decades, to the very balance sheet of its central bank. A country that attacks truth tellers when they have bad news ("Shorts") and is prone to utter obvious falsehood platitudes like "We can never run out of money." And, contrary, a country that loves discourse, debate and, by extension, markets. A country that punishes falsehoods, concealment and that revels in projecting a bright beam of sunshine to the dark corners of... well... everything. Which country do you think you live in? Next time you hear some elected or appointed official talking, ask yourself: "Is he/she working to create or suppress knowledge." The lines draw themselves after that" Zero Hedge | The Dark Side

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