Thursday, July 10, 2014

Prepping for Mother?

All these idiotic bank regulations (FATCA) and bank fines may not be so idiotic -- they may be preparing to attempt the mother of all currency controls -- to stop the massive repatriation of dollars when the current dollar dumping becomes a tidal-wave. Say, maybe, next week - - -
U.S. Corporations Dump Dollar For Chinese Renminbi To Buy Imports
France, Brazil, India & South Korea Join Russia & China In Post-Dollar World Order
And it isn't like this should be a surprise. Big Float's been waiting in the wings for a LONG time.

The basic fiat paper money scam is as old as, well, fiat paper money. And the results are, unfortunately, pretty much legion.

And so, for at least the last 40 years or so, Triffin's Dilemma has been gradually working it's dark magic.

Keiser, in his inimitable style, brings things up-to-date.
[Being able to indiscriminately print-up the world's "reserve currency"] offers nothing on the upside, and only subjugation and humiliation on the downside. And despite having an empire of fictional money, the US appears to still have gone bankrupt on these fictional debts. --Episode 624 - RT Keiser Report, July 08, 2014
What to do about it? Well, if you're a prepper -- and this turns out to be The Big One -- sit back and enjoy the show! Or just the next shot-on-goal.


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