Thursday, May 13, 2010

Right between the eyes -- free vs. regulated

Email To CNBC sent May 12, 2010:
I heard two sound-bytes on your air that struck me "right between the eyes" -- in the frontal lobes.
1. In the [2008] financial crisis, it was the regulated entities, not the shadow entities that blew up. --James S. Chanos (Kynikos), May 6, 2010, 07:53:49.

2. Only about 35% of stock market trades are done on the "official" markets -- the rest are done on markets you never even heard of. --Yesterday [May 11, 2010] about 2:49PM
Can you maybe do a segment on the implications, which seem to be:
"We need to do away with the current financial establishment in favor of  unregulated true free-markets."
Or perhaps,
"We're doing away with regulated markets whether we know it or not -- and unregulated works better."
Or did I miss something??

Health, happiness, & long life,

P.S. Baring the special segment, how about a personal note from Kudlow -- or Michelle Caruso-Cabrera?

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