Monday, February 27, 2012

The FBI's Greatest Hits

Are you safer because of the FBI's anti-terrorist operations? Especially as a result of what might be called "self-flag" or "false-flag" operations, that is, terrorist incidents instigated by the FBI itself?
The FBI's GREATEST self-flag hit?
There's evidence that the February 26, 1993 bomb attack on the World Trade Towers (the North Tower) which blew a 90 foot hole in one of the subbasements, killed six and injured more than a thousand, might well have been an FBI self-flag operation gone wrong. At very least the FBI had infiltrated the group that did it and was supposed to supply them with fake explosives. OOPS!
A medley of more recent FBI self-flag operations:

Judge Napolitano: "Seventeen of 20 Foiled 'Terror' Attacks Were REALLY Planned By The FEDs, NOT BY THE TERRORISTS"
So, according to Judge Napolitano, 17 of the last 20 terror attacks -- that's 85% -- were FBI self-flag  "inside jobs."

The latest but not greatest FBI self-flag operations:

and thanks to Brass check TV!
A little ancient history:

DONNA LIEBERMAN: Well, there's a case pending in New York, the Handschu case, which has been pending for twenty years. And it started after the - well, it was resolved temporarily after the revelation that the New York City Police Department had infiltrated the Panther 21, and the highly publicized, highly touted trial of 21 members of the Panther Party back in the 1980s for allegedly plotting to blow up department stores, turned out to be a total hype, entire harassment - entrapment by the F.B.I., where it was revealed that F.B.I. agents had infiltrated the Panthers and the people behind any ideas of a plot to blow up anything were all government agents.

When government agents infiltrate lawful political organizations, they're under pressure to come back with information, and what government hearings have revealed time and time again is that they come back initially with no information, with information about lawful activities, and then they're under pressure to generate some business. And they try to entrap people into and foment illegal activity. They often fail, because these are organizations that are committed to peaceful protest, not terrorism. So, we're deeply concerned that when government infiltrates organization, they end up trying to destroy those organizations and get them to do things that they wouldn't otherwise do. --ACLU's Donna Lieberman, Files Reveal FBI Spied on PA Peace Group, June 3, 2006
So, ARE you safer because of the FBI's self-flag anti-terrorist operations?

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