Tuesday, May 01, 2007

THE Future

Economist Gary Shilling has calculated that 52.6 percent of Amercans "now receive significant income from government programs."... He's expecting that number to hit 60 percent by 2040. 1 in 5 Americans hold a government job or a job reliant on federal spending. A similar number receive Social Security or a government pension. About 19 million others get food stamps, 2 million get subsidized housing, and 5 million get education grants. We're All New Dealers Now

Kamin's 4th Law: Governments will grow until destroyed by war or revolution.

Mangrum's Corollary: If not destroyed by war or revolution, governments will continue to grow until they crush the population which supports them. The BIG Picture
THAT is THE future - - - if we don't change it.



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